Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage @Avantra Spa & Massage Nagpur

The benefits of hot stone massage are many. They're similar to a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, but you do have that additional layer of heat. Which really adds a nice element to the massage. The heat actually allows for your tissue to loosen up and be accessed on a much deeper level without too much pressure. So, you can actually receive similar to a deep tissue massage without having to add that pressure that can be a little bit painful or sometimes on the edge of pain. There are many conditions that hot stone massage can alleviate as well.

Things like sciatica, different sports injuries, increasing range of motion and you can actually work with the stones to decrease scar tissue as well. Essentially, anything that deep tissue massage can treat, hot stone massage can treat just as well.

The stones are used in the same way that you would use your elbows, your forearms or your fists to give the massage, but you have that extra benefit of heat so you can get into that muscle much faster. A lot of people do choose rather than to treat their body with hot stone massage, they choose it for the relaxation purpose.

So, they'll just sort of relax, and bliss out and let the heat take them to a nice relaxing place and that's just great too.

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